Saturday, 27 August 2011


Vehicle Detail

BMW has fashioned an innovative model in the new launch BMW X6 Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). This model is a kind of inter-hybrid of an SUV mixed with an elegant vehicle. By means of its modish attractive looks it is having a distinct personality; BMW X6 is a perfect car to merge in your work life along with your personal play times. It is uniquely equipped with the versatility as well as ease by which it gets transformed. BMW X6 comes in two basic models first one the X-Drive 35i and the other one is X-Drive50i. Out of which the X-Drive 35i is very speedy equipped with a 300 horsepower engine, providing one with combination of great speed and agility. One always tend to think of this combination whenever talking about BMW.
Whereas on the other hand, X-Drive 50i takes over X-35i because of its extreme engine power and enhanced accelerating potentials. X-Drive 50i is equipped with turbo-charged V8 enhancement furthermore having 400 horsepower engine. It is for sure that this BMW will drive over all other same class vehicles right off this map. If one is looking for a combination of speed and high torque, then there search ends here as it excels in both the levels.
The BMW X6 is entirely appealing and substantial classed vehicle, intended for upper class people only. X6 is ready to take you everywhere you wish to go. However all of us must be pondering that except speed what all can this car help you in? Then here are few more places where it can help you over:-
Living luxuriously- BMW and X6 both promises to keep your life sitting and surrounded in luxuries. The Vibrant performance power control formulates this car to drive on itself. It presents a perfect drive which rather then only being sensible suiting any part of your lifestyle also provides with true fun of driving. Having a power moon roof sheds giving fine glow to the leather upholstery which one will sink into while sitting over it.
Travel- It promises to keep you safe even on travel as it is equipped with 6 airbags also we are known that BMW is very renowned with its electronic stability control. It is having plenty space in it for a family of 4 as well as having all traveling gear one needs.
Drive Off The Road- Killer looks of BMW X6 looks are about too perfect that they take over your consideration. But after that it is for sure that this vehicle is prepared to grip even in the toughest landscapes. With its flattering sporty handling one will feel as if sailing over the most tremendous road conditions. One can even crowd it up with luggage as this vehicle has a power lift gate which automatically unlocks itself to disclose the cargo area and easily storing all your off road gears.
On the whole we can say that BMW X6 brings about the elevated standards one is always expecting from BMW commonly tagged as “Vehicle Running in Dreams”.


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