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Chevrolet CAPTIVA

Chevrolet Captiva
It all started in an experimental workshop in a Detroit garage and it continues today in garages all over the world. William Durant, a successful buggy manufacturer from Flint, Michigan, asked Louis Chevrolet, a well known car racer, to help him design a car for the general public. Chevrolet got named after its designer because Durant liked the sound of the name and because Chevrolet was a prominent name in motor sports.

The company was established in 1911, and the bowtie logo first appeared in 1914. Legend maintains that the bowtie shape was inspired by a pattern of wallpaper in a Paris hotel room. William Durant reportedly detached a small piece and kept it in his wallet, waiting for the day he’d put it to use. The bowtie has, since then, become an advertising icon, and is still the marquee of today's Chevrolet.

Captiva EXTREM
The limited edition Chevrolet Captiva Xtreme. Taking power, styling and luxury to an all-new level. The raving machine is an extreme in luxury as it’s in power. The stylish new Dashboard and Instrument Cluster that lets you control everything with a touch of a finger and sink into the new Red and Black Seat Assembly with brand new front Bumper Grille, Black Bezel Headlamps, exciting new Rear Lamps and the all-new integrated Sunroof, this beast oozes attitude.

So get out there to push this beast to the extreme on a turf of your choice, be it a busy city road or the unbeaten wilderness.

Chevrolet Captiva features a Next generation Variable Geometry Turbo Common Rail Direct injection (VCDi) Diesel engine. The modern four cylinder unit delivers a heart racing power of 150PS. Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) system creates Torque of 320 Nm even at low rpm.

The smooth turbine operation enables complete combustion for significantly reduced exhaust emissions. The use of carbon fibre material in synchromesh makes shifting into high gear particularly easy and quiet. Explore the refined power of the VCDi powered Chevrolet Captiva.

Technology only gets better with Chevrolet Captiva Automatic Plus. Feel free and switch over to being a rebel or follow traffic rules with equal ease.

Adaptive all Wheel Drive
The Captiva’s adaptive AWD has a Torque Sensing Electric Controlled Coupling that allows engine torq
 Chevrolet Captiva TechnologyChevrolet Captiva Technology
 Chevrolet Captiva TechnologyChevrolet Captiva Technology 

Comfort & Convenience
Driver Information Centre
Captiva is equipped to keep you informed of every little detail while you are driving. The Digital Odometer for precise information on speed of the car. Trip Meter and Timer keep a check on distance covered. Distance Calculator, Mileage Reader and Digital compass give you the ultimate driving experience. Digital air-flow display, Outside temperature and cabin temperature indicator add class to the affair.  
The extravagant space in Captiva ensures place for everything. The innovative 5+2 Flexi Seating Configuration permits you to take along everything while you’re going for a picnic or on a holiday in the mountains. Explore the multi-functional seating of Captiva that will give you all the space you’ll ever need.

Safety for a great drive

When you’re in a Captiva, you’re closeted in safety that is unmatched. The rigid monocoque body shell, ABS with EBD and Dual front airbags ensure high safety standards. Extensive testing over 5 Million Kms globally and hot weather testing upto 50 degrees Celsius makes Captiva a cocoon for you and your family as you travel.

 Chevrolet Captiva SafetyExterior
The Chevrolet Captiva is designed to turn heads wherever you go. Rugged and attractive, the Captiva is styling at its best. The prominent bowtie on the front grille, body contoured engine hood with dynamic crease line, projection headlamps, air dam on the side fenders and flared wheel arches, coupled with the 43.18 cm alloy wheels make it a car that redefines style.

Chevrolet Captiva ExteriorsChevrolet Captiva ExteriorsChevrolet Captiva ExteriorsChevrolet Captiva Exteriors

Luxury Features
Captiva is the cocoon of comfort. The supremely crafted all beige seats upholstered with genuine leather lets you sink in the extravagant luxury of the car. Enjoy the ease to play your favorite track with a flick of the audio controls on the steering wheel. Detailed storage options like Glove boxes, cubby holes, cup holders, arm rests are simply delightful.
Chevrolet Captiva InteriorsChevrolet Captiva InteriorsChevrolet Captiva InteriorsChevrolet Captiva InteriorsChevrolet Captiva InteriorsChevrolet Captiva Interiors 

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